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Boston Caravan to MOT 2006

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On June 16, 2006, we're motoring from Boston to Area 51 on I-93 in NH, where we are joining up with a few dozen of our fellow MINI motoring friends, who in turn had set out from Yankee Candle in Western Massachusetts. We then all proceed to MINIS on Top 2006.

Our actual jumping off point is in Woburn. There we are free of downtown congestion, and fewer people would have to backtrack.

The Basics

Who, What, Where

Any MOT attendee driving from Boston may optionally meet us at noon in front of the Starbucks located in the parking lot of the Woburn Target store. The Target and Starbucks are on Commerce Way just off I-93 Exit 37C. By 12:15, we should be off on the ~ 70 mile drive up I-93 North and to (Rest) Area 51, which is ~ 15 miles north of Concord, NH.

If you are motoring with us, make sure you post to the YC/A51 Thread on MINI2 so we know you want to be part of the flock.


All of this is obvious as soon as you are on the off ramp, trust me.


This schedule includes an extra half hour, which with any luck we will spend standing around Area 51. This slop allows for keeping us together, bad weather, construction, and/or heavy traffic enforcement. (It's Bike Week in NH, which means we'll be sharing the road with motorcycles and the people watching them.)


From our friends at Google, here's an approximate map of the location.  If you switch to satellite view, the Starbucks is actually where there appears to be (and was) an open field just north of the trailer farm.

Other Important Details

Full Tanks (MINI)

As we get further north, we'll be part of a larger and larger caravan with fewer and fewer good fueling points. Each MINI needs at least a half tank of gas at Area 51 to avoid causing problems later. Planning for this, please top off your tank Friday morning on or within the Route 128 loop. This allows us to stay together on the hour plus drive north without causing problems later in the day.

Places to gas up in the Woburn area near the interstates:

Empty Tanks / Full Tummies (Personal)

Both the Target and the Starbucks have restrooms so you can empty your own tank before we motor off.

Did someone say lunch?

If you plan on eating in the Woburn area, please remember to arrive early enough so you can still be on time to the rendezvous.

Keeping in Touch

Consistent with MINIS on Top, we'll have FMRS (Family Radio Service) units on Channel 7, no subchannel. Don't forget extra batteries!


For Further Information

You can send mail with questions to Drew Derbyshire, or better yet, post to the YC/A51 Thread on MINI2. Also, our phone number is below.


This page is serious overkill.

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