UUPC/extended -- UUCP for DOS, Windows, and OS/2



UUPC/extended is a free PC based version (and pun of) UUCP (UNIX-to-UNIX copy). The package implements peer-to-peer networking using the UNIX UUCP protocols. With the package, personal computers can exchange mail, Usenet news, and files with a UNIX system, another UUPC/extended system, or other UUCP systems. UUPC/extended supports both serial ports and (except in DOS) TCP/IP connections.

Supported Platforms

UUPC/extended supports the following platforms.

UUPC/extended supports both serial port (modem) and (except in the DOS and 16 bit OS/2 environments) TCP/IP connections.

Note: Our previous support for Windows 3.x (16 bit). OS/2 Version 1.x (16 Bit) is dropped. Contact help@kew.com if you still require UUPC/extended on Windows 3.x or OS/2 1.x.

Download UUPC/extended

UUPC/extended, including binaries, source, and documentation can be downloaded by:

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